Dedicated Server Security - Linux Ubuntu

Hi All,

I’m trying to secure our srcds server on Ubuntu Linux. I’ve created a new user called server1 ( for example ), and it’s home directory contains the server files at srcds_run/srcds_linux level.

Should I then create another user called srcds and have the main srcds ( installation running on that and give it permission to the server1 directories so it can update gmod? That way, if I have a second server ( server2 ) I won’t need to have a seperate install of srcds for each one? Would srcds then just need read/write permission to both the servers directories to update?

Obviously what I want to avoid is having two installation of srcds which seems unneeded.

I hope this makes sense!

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Also, the guide seems a little outdated.

What does the user running the server need write permissions to?

I’m assuming
What about sv.db?

Is there anything else?

The guide mentions logs/ and addons/sourcemods/ and cache/ but none of these exist anymore?