Dedicated Server Software

Dear Rust devs and staff,

Im admin of the bigger zombie/ survival community in Spain (zombiespain).

We own a preety decent dedicated server and we would like to show to our players the game Rust.

Is it posible for us to set up a Rust server in our dedicated server?

If it is posible, where to get the software?

Thank you, and good job with the game.

Garry did say that he is looking for other server hosters. You should contact him directly to ask this instead of hoping he reads it on a forum.

This type of thing should be directly directed towards Garry or Facepunch studios.

Hello, Contact Garry directly by mail or ticket on the support.

His contact email address is it seems


Thanks for the advice :).

Would be nice to have a server in spain. I have seen alot of players complain on the forums about the terrible ping they have in spain on US/EU

I have quite a nice ping on European servers (except for when the server lags for everybody). Anyway, in the near future a spanish server might have a decent population.

Waiting for a spanish server :slight_smile:

Maybe this helps?

No it doesn’t. Without the beta password you will not be able to download a working version.

It’s already leaked