Dedicated Server Software

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I have been playing rust for a bit now and a few friends and I wanted to start a server for us to screw around on, but I can’t seem to find the software?

I can’t imagine that players would be restricted to hosting companies and their crazy prices and lack of plans for lower number servers.
Especially when items don’t transfer from server to server.

Am I just missing something or is the software really not public?

It’s not public and probably won’t be for awhile.

Any reason as to why?

If its working for companies then why can individuals not use it?

As for as I know/think it’s because garry doesn’t want people heavy modding their game while it’s in alpha. They want you to play their game and not a modded game of their game.

What if I start my own hosting company, “ARCHIE HOSTING AND OTHER FUN THINGS”
Then I only offer one plan of which there is only one available, this plan will be a 10 player server

My company will, of course, agree to not mod the software in any way.
Would I then get access?

No. There are only a few selected resellers that have access to the server files. As far as I know, Garry has to approve of them.

What are the requirements?

I would think Garry would support modding even in alpha because it only adds to the game.
Not to mention more private server would bring more buyers, and allowing people to play on servers with their friends would bring more long term players.

Not being a gimmick reseller in order to host one single private server that you don’t want to pay a reseller for, for one.

I don’t think you understand the actual purpose of an alpha. The devs are adding to the game. By and large, they need player feedback about the changes they have made to the game. Introducing or condoning modding at this stage is inviting most of your testers to go play something that can’t give them good bug reporting and statistics because it’s been modified.

An alpha is not the right time to worry about going big and selling tons and tons of keys. If the game is good, it will do that by itself on full release.

Firstly I was not suggesting that I would be modding the server.
Secondly adding private servers would allow people to test more of the game faster and in a more fun enviroment.

If they want testers they should allow friends to play together without having to fear KOS and annoying jerks. It’s crazy that I have to guy a 50$ 100 player server to play with 5 friends!

Edit: Cheapest I can find with hosting anywhere near me is 25$ a month for 50 slots. I already bought the game why should I have to pay more to play with friends?

KOS and annoying jerks are a part of the game.

They don’t have to be!
If you have your own server you can kick these people!
Or in my place I would just have a password or similar and only allow friends on.

Why? If people want to waste their bullets or not find people to base with they should be allowed.

There are server where it is allowed, and there are ALREADY servers where it is not.

That is not what this debate is about, I simply think individuals should have access to the server software.

Because hosting hardware isn’t free and, regardless of what you think, garry has not released the server.

Also, Bad Reading x 1. You expected that garry would support modding. I gave you a good reason why not. (I cannot read his mind, I don’t know his reasoning.)

Well aware hosting hardware isn’t free, I can host locally as I have for many other games when they were in early development stages, ex: Minecraft and Terraria

The software CLEARLY works and IS RELEASED just on a selective basis, I get that Gary doesn’t want modding for the majority of players BUT there must be a way to only allow unmodded servers on the server list, no?

Hope they at least approve one of the few servers provider that has location in South America and is willing to host Rust servers. They contacted Garry but never got an answer back.

Just launched the game to make sure and there is already a section for modded servers, so your reasoning doesn’t really make sense.

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These are the only people that I MIGHT be willing to buy a server from. They usually offer smaller servers even for large games like Rust.

Those servers are “nodded” in that their parameters for things like crafting time have been changed. That is a substantially different situation to releasing the server binaries for anyone on the internet to download and start to rip apart and add custom content.

Again, I am not suggesting allowing major modding, but if there is already a section for these “slightly modded” servers then perhaps a new section for heavily modded servers could be made, this section could be hidden until full release or similar so new people don’t join them.

Correct me if I’m wrong (which I very well may be) but don’t a lot of hosting companies allow full FTP access where the server software could be downloaded from?

What would be the point of a hidden server list?

I’m pretty sure Rust resellers have agreed not to give their clients total shell access to the server and its files. What other hosting companies do with other games’ dedicated servers is irrelevant. Especially if the server binaries are publicly released.

Listen, you want the server, like everyone else, but you can’t have it. Because garry and the devs have decided.