Dedicated Server Soundscape issue

Saw one or two people who had this issue, but I don’t see a file directory of garrysmod/scripts, so that solution wasn’t really applicable.

Essentially, normal map sounds are replaced by eery hl2 sounds, and it gets in the way of pretty much doing anything. Typing ‘stopsound’ doesn’t do anything, because the sound comes back pretty much immediately. stopsoundscape would require sv_cheats 1, which I don’t really want to have.

I know ent_removeall ambient_generic can do the trick, but is there a way to PERMANENTLY disable the noises? The sounds are driving me nuts.

Thanks for any help.

Edit I should note that I’m running a dedicated server, using linux, if that helps with anything.

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Any help would be greatly appreciated… :wavey:

One of your addons, or one of the addons on the server is overriding the soundscapes files which is causing the problem. Stop overriding that file and it will be solved.

scripts/soundscapes_manifest.txt or any file inside scripts/soundscapes/ folder.

What about them? I just found those to be in the sourceengine rather than in “garrysmod/scripts”

I have very few addons though, and none of them seem like they would be a culprit…

38 Addons from the workshop
6- weapons (m9k)
2- money making entities (bitminers & printers)
1- F4 menu resources
7- q menu tools
2- viewing (thirdperson and legs)
1- map
1- drugs
the rest are playermodels or other sweps

Then I have ulx, ulib, meth, an admin help tool, anticheat, scoreboard, warnings, chat, one or two other things, and that’s literally it.

I can’t think of anything that would be interfering with the ability for map soundscapes to play properly.

Does it happen on all maps or only 1? Could be the map itself is overriding the file(s)

May have fixed it… Get back to this post in a bit

Thought the problem was fixed, but it isn’t.

It happens with myself and at least one other player, so I’m not sure what to do about that.

If it only happens to you it might be in your own garry’s mod folder and not on the servers? Also maybe put the command in the autoexec so it runs everytime you restart the server?

A bit of last resort advice, but you might try going as vanilla GMod as possible or even a fresh copy (of both server and client), and see if the problem persists. If not, add back a plugin. If the problem comes back, then that plugin was the problem. If not, add another until you find it.