dedicated server, sv_downloadurl and dropbox?

This didn’t work for some reason ( with sv_allowdownload 1 & sv_allowupload 1 )

"sv_downloadurl “

which was the link dropbox gave me for my “garrysmod” folder

I’m not aware of where to get another domain, and the reason I’m trying to do this is because maps will not allow clients to download them from the server.
~ I just picked a big map to avoid false results

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Dropbox has been known to disable accounts for high bandwidth usage. I suggest you pay the $10 or a month or less and get a real server.

hehe, it’s for experimentation purposes only, and I would prefer the maps download from my connection, but they won’t =(

Buy from They have sql and fast download

re-emphasis, trying to avoid spending money, it’s only testing right now.

I would prefer it downloads from my server/internet if applicable.

Make sure the FastDL (in this case, it’s ‘garrysmod’) folder is in the ‘Public’ folder.
To get the URL to the folder, go into any file inside the folder (ie. ‘garrysmod/cache/*.dua’), right click and copy the public link. You should get something like:

Once that’s copied, make sure to set ‘sv_downloadurl’ to the URL WITHOUT the ‘/cache/*.dua’. You should end up with something like:

Hope I explained well enough. I done this >9000 times before, so I know what I’m doing.

This may be in the wrong section.

holy ignorance! =o

your right, sorry about that, I just did something I typically get a laugh out of others with.

thanks quiggles =) i’ll try

I don’t suppose you know what the file size limit is for downloading directly from the server owner’s internet? =)

You can change that on the server with net_maxfilesize, but it’s limited to 64 mb

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I don’t know if the net_maxfilesize restriction is taken into account when fastdl is enabled though

no, FastDL has no limits

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or speed caps