Dedicated Server Trouble - Need straight forward guide to port forwarding (Huawei HG520b)

Ok, I (and many of my friends on steam) have been stuck for days trying to get a server up. I know this is an extremely common problem and people are always asking about it, but there has been little consistence between all tutorials I have used, and almost every step of the process has been slow and problematic.

I finally got to the stage of starting up server and running it, but (big surprise) didnt work. Connection failed after 4 retries. I’m sure the issue will be with the port forwarding because I didnt have a clue what I was doing, and no tutorials followed exactly what I was seeing and didnt explain it fully.

I’ve been using this

This is what i’m seeing when i’m port forwarding; (i know whats in there already is very wrong, but after days of trying, iv’e been basically guessing what should go in now)

So I just need to know what should be in here. And also, what I need to do with my firewall. (i’m running windows 7)

  1. Have you set up a static local IP Address? It just looks like from the screenshot that you might not have set that up (These are the best guides I know for it, very straight forward (well for vista anyway): ).

  2. If you have done that, make sure the port’s you forward go to the Local IP address of the computer you are running the server software on (this should be the static IP address you set up for the computer. Simply put that in the “Local IP address” Field, of the routers port forwarding system).

For example, if you have set your local IP address to the static IP of, then you must forward ports to that address. This is so that data being sent to the router from other peoples’ computers can be correctly forwarded to the computer running the server software.

  1. Are you forwarding all the necessary ports?

The Garry’s Mod wiki lists these ports to forward:

UDP 1200 1200
UDP 26901 26901 (This will allow the server to show up on the master server list.)
UDP 27000 27015
TCP 27020 27039
UDP 27015 27015 (you may not be able to open this one, but it is suggested that you try)
UDP 27020 27020
TCP 27015 27015

You have setup the port forwarding (from what I see of the screenshot) for some, but not all that is listed.

  1. Finally, when connecting to the server, you must realise that you are inside your home network (the network with the computer running the server software) , while other players will be connecting from outside your home network. When you try and connect to the server from inside the network, you must use the Internal IP address.

If for example you are running the server on port 27015 (the connection port), then you (and other computers on your home network) would connect using INTERNAL IP ADDRESS:27015 (e.g. However players outside your network would connect using EXTERNAL IP ADDRESS:27015 (Find your external IP address using

I’ve written a little bit about this topic which I hope will help you and others. It can be found at:

Other Useful Links: (A great site for guides on port forwarding and static IP set-up, along with a massive list of routers and their appropriate guides (if they are available)) (A useful program to check the ports you forwarded have been correctly forwarded)

Thanks for the reply. Well I had a static ip already, but hadn’t used that in what i’d shown in my last post. So i put in static ip, updated, and now I am able to join my server, where before I couldn’t. Yay…

But I ask a friend to connect, and he can’t, connection failed after 4 retries. AS for those port, the ones I didn’t do, I didn’t do because it resulted in error messages saying I can’t use the same numbers twice.

By the way, I used port checker before, but it said my ports were ‘closed or unreachable’.