Dedicated Server Tutorial Installing Pictures and detailed install

Hello Most of you don’t know me but i am here with tutorial. For dedicated server This tutorial will cover the basics of making your very own server. There is going to be step by step pictures and writing.

Step One) For all you who don’t know what a dedicated server is. A dedicated server is. A server of any game running off your computer.

Step Two) There are a few ways to get a dedicated up and running on any computer Ill be doing the simplest way for windows NOT Linux.

Step Three) Go ahead and open your internet browser.

Step Four) You want to go ahead and type in in the serch bar and click Go.

Step Five) You should get download box pop up. Click save, Save anywhere for easy access.

Step Six) Find the file were you downloaded it, And run the Program.

Step Seven) When the program comes up comes up. Click NEXT, then next one hit I AGREE. Next screen it say choose a directory Keep it as it is. It should Say C:/SRCDS. Click NEXT. It should install the basic server tool.Choose were you live and Hit NEXT. Don’t Mind the next page that comes up just shit NEXT. Then the final page comes up Unclick the readme check. The next steps is were it gets complicated but should be easy.

Step Eight) Now have to go to the Folder C:/SRCDS were you installed it.

Step Nine) Hit Start. Find the Run Program for Vista Users use search bar at bottom. Xp Users it should be on the right side at bottom. When ran, A box will pop up Type in CMD. Then hit OKAY.

Step Ten) Another Box will pop up. Console. Now to navigate through the computer to where you installed the GameTool. Do CD… Enter CD… ***Enter. ***You Should End up with the console Saying C:>. Now type in CD SRCDS It will take you to the folder.

Step Eleven) Now Time to Install the game. While your CMD is up Your going have to type in hldsupdatetool -command update -game garrysmod -dir C:/SRCDS.

Step Twelve) Once done another Consle box will pop up. This will install the garrysmod Dedicated server. This will take about 15-30 minutes Depending on your Computer.

Step Thirteen) While your server is Downloading. Were Going to get the ports forwarded so you can have other people log on your server. Open up your internet browser again. Type in “”. Type in your username and password for your router. Once you did that you want to go to security and make sure “Block Anonymous Internet Requests” IS UNCHECKED. Then go to the Applications & Gaming Tab. Here we’ll forward you ports In box One you want to type “steam1” “27000 - 27015” “Both TCP and UDC check or on” “192.168.1. xxx”. <-- this is important make sure you no what computer your forwarding last 3 or 2 digits are. The next line is almost the same “Steam2” “27016 - 27035” “Both again” “” And BTW make sure the enable button is check. Then hit Save Changes. And your done that part for forwarding your ports.

Step Fourteen) Hopefully your server is done downloading. So now check the SRCDS folder there should be new folders in there HL and orange box. Now you want to be able to start the server.

Step fifteen) Right Click and create new txt file. Name the file GmodStartUp.Double click on the txt. Your going have to type a little code to get server start. Type

@echo off 
echo Protecting srcds from crashes... 
echo If you want to close srcds and this script, close the srcds window  and type Y depending on your language followed by Enter. 
title Watchdog 
echo (%time%) srcds started. 
start /wait c:\srcds\orangebox\srcds.exe -console -update -game  garrysmod +hostname "Name of server" +maxplayers 18 +sv_Defaultgamemode  SandBox +Map GM_flatgrass +clientport 27006 +tv_port 27021 +hostport  27016 +Ip
echo (%time%) WARNING: srcds closed or crashed, restarting. 
goto srcds

Make sure to fill in the xxx with your router ip. Now File SaveAs Type in GmodStartUp.BAT and hit save.

Step sixteen) now were almost done Delete the old txt file you made to make the bat file. Now double click gmodstartup.bat file and your server should start running.

And there you have it a working server The allocated server problem should be fixed with the bat, you made.

If you need and help Reply back and ill be glad to try and help you.
Please give me feed back how your Gmod installing went. Thank you.
This took me Some time to make so please don’t flame me.

Great tutorial, however you need to point out that you need to install cstrike stuff and all the other content via the hldsupdatetool as well. You might consider adding -autoupdate to the end of the launcher line as well, because without that you might fall behind with updates.

I’d also like to recommend HLSW for managing your server, as the traditional console isn’t the easiest to use.

True true i manually update my stuff only reason it isnt there :smiley: and was jsut showing basics of creating the server.