Dedicated server will only start in LAN mode

I don’t understand why, everything should work fine, it even says two IPs down at the bottom of the cmd box thing. But my server only shows up in the LAN section.

It’s more likely that you didn’t forward the correct ports on your router/firewall.

I forwarded everything that was supposed to as far as I know. Ports I have opened for gmod:
27015 TCP and UDP
27005 TCP and UDP
27020 TCP and UDP
27011 TCP and UDP

I also allowed hl2.exe and srcds.exe through.

It will show up on the lan section for you since you’re on the same network. But if sv_lan is set to 0, it’s online.

My server.cfg has sv_lan 0 in it but it still only starts in LAN. Is there somewhere else I should add it?

Try telling a friend of yours to join your server, just give them the External IP so they can use “connect IP” on the console.

It doesn’t have an online IP, all it says for IP is my local IP address. I also noticed it doesn’t run DarkRP like I have it set in server.cfg to do. Maybe it’s a problem with server.cfg?