Dedicated Server without computer running

Hey guys i need some help with my Dedicated Server. What i want to be able to do is run a Dedicated Server for DarkRP on Rp_downtown_v2, without having to keep my computer running all the time; Mainly because my parents dont want to have to pay for the extra electricity. I might be getting a website soon and I think I heard once that you can run it using the website. Is this true??? What other methods are there for running a Dedicated server other then keeping my computer on??? and i cant rent one either. PLEASE HELP!!!


I already can run a dedicated from my computer but i don’t like to keep it running for like 50 hours at a time. I also know how to port forward so… ya. PLEASE HELP!

You cant…If your home hosting. Its impossible, you need one running atleast.

If your from the uk go to and buy a server and do what i do i just sneek it on and leave mine on

If you’re in the US, go to and ask for a discount :smiley:

ya but if i get my own website, cant i run it using that somehow??? i think Ratboy did on his site. See what i mean:


Let us explain.

1.Sharde Hosting May Never be used for hosting Servers, since ofcourse you dont have “Root”
2.You WILL be kicked by your Host Due to running this, if You Do Have SSH or Ruby On Rails
3.You are limited to 10% CPU resources, And you cant spawn more than 15 props with 10% of any CPU

Dont Even Try,If youi dont understand this dont.Youll be wasting your time AND money

well the server gonna be DArkRP and prop limit only going to be 20. I am going to get the website from :;jsessionid=340368A07EE9DD7CD611B0FAEB9EA2CA.TC60a?ac=OM.US.US388K05756T4536a
I dont see a CPU limit buy it does say this:
Monthly Transfer Volume unlimited!

If that not it where can i find the CPU?? I dont want an answer from you GlobalNet ur a jerk. i post on here to get peoples answers. not to piss them off and get yelled at.

It also says i have 10Gig of webspace. So im guessing that means i will ahve enough space since gmod only about 4Gig


When i sayYou Cant YOU CANT


Root Acsess IS the ability to manipulate the server from your Computer

now tell me how can you run Gmod server WITHOUIT the ability to install it and or to even run it without it?

Get the fuck off my post. Stop being an Ass. people want answers not to be yelled at.
I know its possible.

It’s not.


Cant be done listen to us

all you are buying from 1&1 is a domain name and maybe some free hosting.
you can’t run PROGRAMS on that

DO NOT BUY 1 AND 1!!! They make u sign CONTRACTS! as soon as you pay your first payment. It goes UP UP UP plus. 1and1. you never get what you really pay for. maybe half what you order. there major RIP OFFS. i suggest going with SMALL companys and so on.
Web hosting is what it is: WEB HOSTING. you CANNOT host ANY ports on web hosting.
Dedicated servers: Just like your computer at home. Just connect and do what you want. Webhosting included.
it is IMPOSSABLE to host a server without ROOT like everyone is saying.
TY for reading


also some computers allow you to run stuff in “sleep” Mode many just close all internet connections due to viruses and so on.

If spawning 10 props uses 10% of your CPU, you need to upgrade from the 1990’s

Well i may be over exaggerating the fact 15 props=10 CPU

but the fact remains clear, you CANT run it form a shared hosting

the guy you mentioned has a root server, meaning he bought a computer that has high speed internet from a data center(a place full of servers)

What you are asking is impossible. Do not insist it's not.

Your choices are:

  • Get a dedicated server from a host that is DESIGNED to host game servers (i.e. Art of War Central, XenonServers, UKGame)
  • Host on your computer, but you MUST leave it running 24/7. Or else it will NOT work.

Also, if jaybi is to be believed about 1&1 and their pricing reliability/contracts, I’ll recommend the host I’m using: I don’t know the price, because I’m related to the person in charge (free hosting ftw), but it’s fairly reliable (even if it’s bandwidth is kinda slow sometimes)

Or a company that just host dedicated servers (Rapidswitch,Serverloft)

Going to point out that the argument that it “can run on a webserver” is impossible, unless that server is running a windows server OS. Unix / Linux cannot run a Gmod server, as there are no binaries for it.

Also, for webhosting, I use Eastsolid, they’re pretty damn good.

LOL I found this Googling my e-mail :3

My website is home hosted on my home server via IIS, however I don’t host the gaming servers at home. Once we did have a dedicated server (as in a proper machine in a datacentre) and we had the site etc, our own control panel etc however its incredibly expensive and a time-consuming operation. I would recommend you get a host such as the one we use at FH called UKGame, which offers a 12 slot server for £7.50 or something a month - really cheap and the pings+support+the amount your server can handle is pretty dam good.

If you are American, I would recommend ArtOfWarCentral.Com - they’re a little more expensive however their support is pretty dam good with a donations system too - which is great because they handle all the donations for you etc :3

I would really not recommend hosting a server from home; as you said, electricity can be a huge issue and its already costing my parents something like £300-£400 for electricity every month or something rediculous around those figures. Plus redundency is another issue you have to consider as well as speed. Unless you have at least 10mbps down and upload, I wouldn’t recommend hosting a server from home - you could probably get away with a 12-slot server with 4mbps up and down but for people half way around the world, it will be hella slow for them - from my experience anyways.

This is what I would do if I was you:
> Buy a domain from - cheap domains, good support and pretty dam reliable. One downside is that the control panel is occassionally slow.
> Buy a 12-slot Garrysmod server from
> Buy a small crap computer from a second-hand shop, eBay or somewhere - basically an old computer that uses hardly no power at all. Then run a webserver off it+link it up to your GoDaddy domain via total dns/mx control etc.

This is only an insight, but I hope you find it useful. Sorry for bumping a six-day inactive thread, however this reply may be incredibly useful and I put some time into writing it - all three minutes :3


O hai compwhizzii :3