Dedicated server won't let my friend join?

I’ve tried weeks and weeks on this but nothing is working. I just now recently put the dedicated server on my desktop which is hooked on to my modem and router. I don’t know why he cant connect but it makes him do this retry thing and then tells him he cant join. I really need some help here guy. Heres a pic of my port fowarding page:

Should be ports 27000 to 27040 rather than 27020 to 27039.

Would I need to make the firewall exception all those ports. And does the friend trying to joinn need to have his ports fowarded as well? And I looked on the portfowarding page for half life 2 dedicated server thing and it says I need a static Ip, I tried setting that up its just way to complicated.

He doesn’t need his ports forwarded. All he needs is a firewall exception. And yes, you will need a firewall exception on the server.

Every single port? or just an exception on the program itself that runs the server?

I would do both.

Thats like 40 ports which would equal 80 cause of the tcp and udp. is it completely neccesary. And the desktop has mcafee but its turned off is that ok?