Dedicated Server won't update, claims to be on current version.

Anyone else got this problem? My server has the noclip jitters and hldsupdatetool claims that the server is up to date, version 65.

Delete all the default lua, bin and addon files then run hldsupdatetool.

My old server did this a few times, it’s a total pain.

Seems to have worked, but now people can’t jump. Whenever they walk they sink a tiny bit into the map, preventing them from jumping unless the spam the key.

Turn your tickrate down to about 66, if you can afford it. 100tick servers tend to have this problem.

My current understanding is that the OB engine is locked at 66tick, therefore you cannot have 100tick servers.

Odd - I was running my server at 100-tick and got stuck in the ground, but I lowered it to 66 and it doesn’t happen any more. Of course, it’s possible that the server wasn’t actually at 100-tick, but then how do you account for the difference in behaviour?

The OB engine can have 100-tick servers.

That fixed it for whatever reason, will dropping the tickrate affect physics accuracy/performance at all?

Yes, although the vast majority of players simply leave their rate settings at default since they don’t know any better.

Nevermind, it completely ruins everyone’s contraptions and the physics are totally different. Hydraulics spaz out, wire stabilization is unreliable, fins work differently. Is there any other way to fix this while leaving the tickrate at 100?

Reinstall your server, that is, delete the srcds folder and redownload.
That should fix the problem, but may risk a few files, so back them up.