Dedicated Server - World not Loading

Hi everyone,

I’ve got an issue with my dedicated server. I followed instructions of the steam community page :
plus, some insighful videos but I still have an issue concerning the world loading.

I’m just flying around in a half loaded world. I can see the topography but no animals, trees, rocks …

My config :
PC windows 8.1 64 bits
CG : Nvidia Gforce 660 - drivers : 347.88 (latest version)
Proc : intel core i5 4690, 3.5 ghz

If someone could help me that would be great :slight_smile:
Thx !

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More details :

  • I downloaded the Steam CMD
  • Logged in anonymously
  • force_install_dir
  • app_update 258550
  • forwarded the port 28015 (both UDP and TCP)