Dedicated Server Zombie RP Issues

So i recently created a dedicated server for garry’s mod and am currently going through the FTP coding in all sorts of classes and weapons. As of now it is running the DarkRP gamemode, which is fine. I just need my server to display under the Zombie RP server list, does anyone have any suggestions? I already tried to rename my darkrp file and darkrp.cfg to zombierp and zombierp.cfg it didn’t work.

PS. as a side not if anyone knows anything on how to add books into the vrondakis leveling system, that would be great!

i suggest you swap to fprp, it is more fitting to your needs.

Lets just keep it under the DarkRP server list eh? Since I assume its just plain DarkRP with no original code, its probably best it stays under that category. Had enough of server owners changing the name of DarkRP to whatever and mixing overused addons.

I haven’t found fprp to be useful. If anyone else knows anyway to get my server to display under the ZombieRP list, that would be great!

Change the name of your gamemode.

You don’t, because if you do, it’s just going to go to the bottom of the list anyway and is useless, just keep it under the DarkRP name.

that didn’t work
First result on google “how to change darkrp gamemode name”.
Seems like it is not suggested to change it.

Im not trying to change the name of the gamemode, for some reason that doesn’t quite work… it just defaults back to sandbox. Im trying to put my server under the ZombieRP server listing.

And ZombieRP is… the gamemode name.

Yes, it is the name of the gamemode which has no consolation with the current request. I figured it out anyways, I had to add a new function in the init.lua file to display under certain tabs. Since it is an unsupported gamemode now renaming a few files or changing a .txt wont work.

Ok; it’s good that you solved it, but for my own sake, can you explain what you wanted to achieve?
I understood it as you want it to change this:

Was that correct? I set the gamemode name to NotDarkRP following the info in the link I sent above.

Ohh, if it’s related to the new server browser then that way maybe doesn’t work.