Dedicated server

I need help making a dedicated server for Garry’s mod. I have SteamCMD and all and SCRDS It’s just so confusing… I’m trying to create a DarkRP server…

This is why I stopped developing for garrysmod right here.

Please, go away.

Whats wrong with DarkRP?


It’ll be just another one of the 4200 other roleplay servers that bury legitimate and more fun servers/gamemodes in Garry’s shit server browser, that will attract the same high-pitched noisemakers and privilege-abusing cunts it always has. The setup is basically copypasta Sandbox code with sloppily-coded shiny text over it, easily abused power systems, and theoretically so many unexplored exploits that it would be a wonder why none have fallen if it weren’t for the unfeasible number of them that start up every day.

tl;dr stop making these things

I can name a few DarkRP communities that are actually pretty nicely made. Don’t judge the gamemode just cause you had a bad experience cause I bet someone didn’t like your work when you “developed” for Garrysmod.

One thing that bugs me the most about DarkRP is all the mistakes there are in the script as far as spelling goes. And then people buy servers, put DarkRP on it, and leave it to the dogs without optimizing it.

And also those “Custom” servers out there with CoderHire scripts spammed in them. Oh my goodness those are so annoying.

And I’m willing to put money that those well-built communities are just about as popular as the lesser-known gamemodes that get abandoned under the swarm of CopypastaRenamedRP. Frankly, the only reason it takes so long to find any other server is because GMod takes so long to populate the masses of RP servers and low-quality ripoffs before it even tries to load other servers.

Also, I’ve played the gamemode before. Same power-abusing cunts and flashing donate text you see anywhere else. I never really figured out what’s so special about it, it was just sandbox with shiny meaningless text that everyone tries to attach meaning to.

And FYI, every tester and host who has tried my content raved about it, you cannot blame quality for popularity when the server browser is so broken.

Add me on Steam and I will help you.
Name there is simply Tawa with an avatar that says “Tawa”. Boring, I know.

Just changed my profile information so it should now be able to get you to my Steam Profile immediately.