Dedicated Server

Hi i just made a new server to test some things and i want to save the map but when i type save in the server console from steamcmd it says cant’t save if not active
Please Help


Please define “from steamcmd”. What OS are you running? Did you follow the steps on how to make a linux server on the wiki? Did you make a screen and run the server on it?

when i made it from steamcmd

Okay so you installed the server from SteamCMD and then you typed quit to close SteamCMD then you typed up the script to start up your server and when the map loaded and stuff you wanted to save the map. Is this what you did? Also you didn’t answer my question before: What OS are you running?

This will help me a lot.

I don’t think you understand what “save” does.

Saving the map? If you mean saving the props that you’ve placed, there’s some addon to do thst look for permanent props

If you mean you’ve somehow edited a map in game through some sort of disgusting magic and, then it don’t even know how to answer

Yea I was going to say that save only works for singleplayer anyways but I was just wondering if he was running the server in SteamCMD since I was confused as poopz

People are confused what relevance SteamCMD has with a garrysmod map and the saving? of it. You may need to clarify what you’re wanting to achieve, more clearly.

I mean by saving the props