Dedicated Server

Hi guys,

I recently transfered from a regular elpishost 40 slot server to a dedicated server with NFOservers. NFOservers had a lot mopre features that I needed. When i was moving the files from elpishost to NFO I simply downloaded all the addons, data, gamemode, and some lua folders onto my desktop from the elpishost server and then i upload them to the NFO dedicated server. There is only one problem…when I start the game some of the addons don’t work at all and my custom scoreboard gives me the error “Warning: vgui.Create failed to create the VGUI component ([Vgui Name])” everytime I open it…this scoreboard works perfectly on my elpishost server.

Any ideas guys? Am I doing something wrong? Thanks a ton

The addon / scoreboard isn’t installed correctly / AddCSLuaFile isn’t called, or there is an error in the script. Basically, the code isn’t being called to define the element.