Dedicated Serwer bug

Hello i have little problem with my serwer when someone connect to serwer, disconnet and connect again in console is crash :

and there is my addons folder :

Quite a large list you got there eh? Did you try removing all that shit?

no i didint but i must have this mods ;]

You are obviously transferring too many NWVars (stringtables) between the server.

You don’t need most of those.

I don’t have any addons in my addons folder and I survive just fine. I can load my gamemode in less than a second :3

95% of that crap you don’t need. Until you remove half of it, your server won’t work.

That error is caused by having too many addons. You need to remove some.

Close, this is caused by having to many Lua files being send to the client.

You guys do know this guys a troll right?

I met another guy that spelled his words with "w"s instead of "v"s before, and did you guys notice that he has 2 smart weld folders? One is named smart_weld, and the other smart weld. xD

still wrong
it’s caused by sending too many differently named umsgs
more addons => more differently named umsgs => this error

Wasn’t that the other error? i thought there were 2 while 1 is this one and the other about UM overflow on connect.

No wonder you get errors. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of those were conflicting as well. But yeah, just prioritize.