Dedicated VPS FastDL problems?

Running a dedicated server through Fragnet (They still run Gmod servers, they just took down the listings). Have a FastDL.
Put all my content on the server, made a resource add lua and put it in lua/autorun/server, and I took all my clientside content out to test the FastDL. Now, I checked the FastDL, and all the content is there in all the right places. I join the server, it makes me download all the content, I get in the server, and everything is an error, it didn’t mount any of it. I know it downloaded all the right files from my resourceadd because I was closely watching it.

I go to my own Garry’s Mod folder, check my garrysmod/downloads folder, and I looked under materials, models, and sound. ALL the content I downloaded is there, all the materials, all the models, and all the sounds, meaning I did in fact acquire all the content from my server’s FastDL, so my question is, why is it all still errors?

Do I need to take a cache file or something from my client and upload it to my server via FTP and then get it on the FastDL?

I am also having the same problem. Everything downloads on my server when you go in but people still see error signs on custom models.

You need a resource file to force FastDL.
I already helped you Corey…

I have done that Samg381 and I am still hearing people say they have error signs when they go on my server.

Show me your addentities file.

Oh… stupid mistake on my part. I meant your resource.Addfile

Looks normal to me…
I’m beat.

I had this exact problem, I paid someone to fix it, ends up he spent a day opening the .vmt’s reading the file locations and ensuring they are right or he would change them.

He then added the files in a structured folder and gave me a resource.lua much alike yours and it fixed the issue.

I would suggest doing the same

look in the devdis for a scripter hire thread.
R.I.P CoderHire

Looks like I’ll have to then. My file is called resource.lua does that make a difference?

As long as it is included in init.lua the filename doesn’t make a difference.

What do you mean included in init.lua? I created my file in here: C:\srcds\orangebox\garrysmod\lua\autorun\server It’s not with any init.lua file. Could you maybe show me because it could sort out my problem.

Remove the


I don’t think it will make a difference.

rename your folder to forcedownload.lua and try this:

File name should not matter.

I will try this out right away. Thanks for responding. I will let you know if it worked.

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Because I am doing a fast dl, I have converted all my files to .bz2 files. Do I need to add my resource.Addfile to bz2 at the end of each one or do I leave it?

Unfortunately, that did not work. They still see error signs.