Deep Forest

Original Size:

I recommend to watch this in original size.
And if you look close enough you might spot some animals.
(2nd scenebuild)


Wallpaper-worthy. Fantastic job.

Very very good.

Awesome, the atmosphere of the pic is just… Magical.
Outstanding work!

Saw it on DA petty cool.

Where’s Slenderman?


Holy shit.

I came.

Very pretty.

It’s… sniff …beautiful.

This is indeed wallpaper worthy!

And atmospheric.

And i love it.

Tbh it’s pretty damn generic. It’s a picture of a forest with a bit of lighting editing on it. And some deer…

The scenebuild is okay I guess. It’s like every other forest scenebuild out there. 100% flat surface with a bunch of trees and grass spammed everywhere.

It’s just not your best pic. You make so much original stuff, wanna see more of those.

Bambi’s mom is about to get shot.

Well, that’s your opinion.
I just wanted to step away from all the violence for once. And I’m new to scenebuilding.
It’s my 2nd attemp. But believe me, when I say I have placed every object very carefully
(like all the scenebuilders out there i bet). Probably you have to be in the right mood for
such a pic. And you’re right about one thing. The ground could use some “height structure”.

if the in-games were just like this my dream would have come true…

uhm … this IS ingame. no PS or other outside-editing. Sorry, when I misunderstand you.
Still learning english … and always will.

It’s absolutely outstanding. You’ve made hell of a work here. No doubt the picture is one of the best GM-made I’ve ever seen.

Ahh, beautiful nature. Well done!

Isn’t that pretty much what a forest is?