deep in the jungle mountains...

the good guys are trying to rescue some hostages from the bad guys…

the gray boxes will be small huts, think collateral damage (with arnold) or predator, also need to add some under/over growth :slight_smile:

layout is done, playtesting for chockepoints is done…here comes the propping!

The scaling looks really weird.

if you made those by hand not like a displacement map then bravo

looks very nice, the scale as said above is off

Stick a few trees on there and the scaling will look fine.
Looks pretty, as the guy above said, if you did it by hand then bravo.

I doubt trees will fix the scaling, if you look in between the 2 buildings on the right you can see that there is a spawn point and the character is a 3rd of the size of the building. Other than that, that looks incredibly impressive.


all terrain in the playable area is made by hand, the near surroundings and 3D skybox heightmaps modified to “fit” even tho I know there has to be some more work put into it,
when looking at the screenshot today it feels wee bit off, specially where the playable level meets the 3d mountains, didn’t remember seeing that in game, but I’ll def try and lign up the mountains!

for the buildings, I see them as “huts” rather than building, small shacks - made from wood and metal sheets,

this is what I did:

  1. blocked a layout (with displace)
  2. made a ps raw file+added erosion, for the surroundings
  3. took it into hammer, tried to align it to the playable area
  4. vertex painted
  5. compiled, cried when I saw the first version
  6. re-did step 2-5 like 10 times


will post some more screenshots tomorrow!

Thanks for the feedback! :smiley: