Deep Space | Laser is slower than bulletz!

Hello Everyone, I’m Black Tea a.k.a rebel1324. So I’m gonna introduce {WINGS}'s new project, Deep space. Exploring( Actually Pirating ) Space and Kill opposite team or faction.



Some Notice

Jesus christ, this looks really good. And if I understand it correctly it’s a team based capture the point style gameplay?

I approve of this. It reminds me of Sunrise. Can’t wait to see this finished!

RM(RocketMania) was motivated from E.V.E. He want to make newb-friendly E.V.E.
Well. You can think it as Sunrise or Devinity.

Oh. He said he can release it ‘When It Done.’

Yeah it looks awesome, I do love the EVE feel this has, it’s looking really good. As an EVE player myself I can’t wait to give this a try once it’s released.

Screens look immense.

Dammit, you’re making me want to consider trying my Project EDEN gamemode again, rebel!

Maybe this time I’ll actually get far enough to make a space station entity. :v:

want some help that sounds cool :slight_smile:

looks epic

Will you release this or will you make it shitprivate?

Looks fantastic, reminds me alot of EVE.

You didn’t read my post. :stuck_out_tongue:
Read whole thread and reply again.

I read the whole thing, and im wondering the same.

Also, if the “Asguard Team” is from stargate, it is actually Asgaard:)

This looks awesome! Are the ships going to be Separated by races and technology or could we pick whatever ships we want to use and fight?

think that’s what is he is talking about.

I 've read it and i’m still confused. I’ve read the thing that server is in korea but meybe you aren’t an asshole and you just set up an official server and you will release it.

Because not releasing a game-mode makes him an asshole.

The comment is very disrespectful and is not needed. Based on your previous posts, if a game-mode isn’t released to you, there is no point to the thread and the creator is a “faggot.” The thread is showcasing the game-mode, therefore it is relevant.

And yes, according to Post #4, it is being released.



It only makes them an asshole if they don’t release it after they stop hosting it. So many good gamemodes have gone this way that it can almost be expected.

aka madcow