Deeper food system,Farming system idea by me and other ideaz

Hey guys time for my next spam-idea topic
Okay so first Deeper Food System-
We have calories in game.
But it would be nice to see also proteins.
Proteins would be replenished by eating meat , and calories by more carbon food
So if we run our calories to 0 our hatchet slows,thats already in game,and calories
should be used more as a active food bar. Proteins should be more passive
and affect things like character durablity,attack strenght and others.
Also there should be food combo like - u ate bread and tuna u get bonus
beacuse u ate proteins and calories food.
Food should decay,you would need to store it etc
(A fridge!)
Food should be important part of survival :frowning:
And windows ( instead of putting a door in a window just put a window here right?)
Okay and now farming:
You run into a wild crop at forest. U gather it with a hatchet but what now?
You see a dirt pile! In a forest! So you run and hatchet it too.
And then you return to your base and craft farmground from the dirt.
Place it on the ground,plant crops ( it would be like placing a pillar on foundation)
Okay! You have a some kind of wheat now.
You craft flour
And then uncooked bread using flour and water
Cook it in campfire (We need ovens! That would be cool! Creating an oven!)
And eat! Ta - da delicious calories.
Also,clay piles. Would spawn near water.
U punch it with hatchet,gather clay,craft into unburnt bricks,burn in oven
and then create delicious brick walls!
What would the bed do?
It would be like a sleeping bag,but more durable and cool looking.
Also village system -
You can craft a village pillar.
Place it.
Village wars would be cool then!
Once its placed,you have acces to village menu.
You can add new members etc.
Every member can spawn on the village pillar if he died.
:smile: :smile: :smile:

How do u guys like ma ideaz?

wait wait wait so do you want us to O.o be worried about Proteins and calories at same time - and we have to gather 2 sources of food to restore them ?..

i see death of many Bambi´s coming XD

Hey but i spoked about da new foodz like bread
Also there is more than two resources
Granola bars,chocolate,beans - Calories
Also if u would have low calories , protein food would replenish them beacuse in real life that also happens

At first I thought this was a poem.


Bumping your own threads gets you banned.

Also, talking like “ma ideaz” “da new foodz!” and still posting a long… I don’t know what that is, Haiku’s older brothers dads uncle, just makes it look like you know your ideas are retarded but you decided to post them anyway in a way that lets you say “im trollin lolz” when you get the “What the fuck were you thinking?” response.

Please never post again in deez forumzzzz. More useless shit to clutter up an Alpha forum.

tldr version plz

“October 2013
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Clearly shows yo know nufin bout the rust in june/july when everybody used languagey liek diz in break from killing other people with hatchets
Go kill urself lel
PS.How do u liek spending 50$ on rust?
I got mine for free :o

I’m sorry, but whenever anyone speaks like this it is physically impossible for me to take them seriously. Just can’t.

I like the idea of farming in this game, but that would be taking a step or two closer to what Minecraft is doing. So if this idea is added in there would haft to be some way of bending it back the other way twords the Dayz or S.T.A.L.K.E.R aspect of the game.

Well in stalker you are searching for artifacts,solving mysteries and drinking vodka.I dont see any of these things in rust.