Deer should not give chicken

Ok now that food is even more important, they need to fix deer, so they do not spawn chicken, and it should be a lot more then 3 units.

Same with horses…

As long as you can eat the food you loot I don’t agree with you at all. Priorities are functions and features, not simple aesthetic changes that won’t change much. Technically it’s probably a pretty short and easy fix, but worrying about stuff like this when there’s more important things being focused on is just very trivial.

Don’t be silly, stuff like that is normal in rust.

Maybe this is what “Chicken” really is and Garry knew it…

deer use to give wolf meat

blabla its a placeholder now shut up

It use to all be wolf meat and chicken was in barrels.

Back in the time everything did taste like chicken…

back in the days when russians came up to you and told you that they need “orange chicken to stay alive”

It’s an inside joke from legacy, when you harvested chicken from every animal

what do you mean, op? everything yields chicken breast in rust world; it’s the wolves giving wolf meat, deer giving deer meat and humans giving human meat that need to be fixed:)

I propose that all meat be replaced with stone, that way I don’t have to travel far from my base, because every noobs first move is to run at the biggest base for some reason.

alright, but it should be a mixture of stone, sulphar, metal frags and wood so i really don’t have to do anything.