Default config and settings overwritten

I was dropping in some addons, and like a stupid, wasn’t watching where things were going. Now everytime I start Garry’s Mod, it initially loads like normal, but then reloads the intro map from Half-Life 2, the one with City 17 displayed, with walking Metro Cops, Citizens, and City Scanners. This adds a much larger load time that I’d rather be without, for obvious reasons. In addition it set my default controls to that of Half-Life 2’s–this I was able to go through and fix manually through the game, but I’d still like to get rid of the map loading thing.

Any ideas?

No one has any clue? That sucks hard D:

The flashlight is all wonky too: it appears directly behind all weapons. The gravity gun light sup on one half now, rather than in front of it.

delete garrysmod/garrysmod

Or addons folder :slight_smile: