Default Cop Weapons- DarkRP

I was wondering if there were any files that allow you to change what weapons cops spawn with on the server. I know they give battering rams and weapon checkers, but is it possible to change that?

Disable the default Police job here:
Create a new police job here:
When creating the job, take note of the ‘weapons’ table, in that table include the weapon you’d like your police to spawn with.

That’s weird, I know that I can edit the weapons for each class, but when I enter a class at the bottom where you can set things to be civil protection, every one of those classes automatically gets the arrest, unarrest, stun stick, weapon checker, and battering ram. I don’t enter it in the weapons area, yet they still spawn with it.

Maybe it’s because you’re an admin on the server…?

There is a config option that allows admins to spawn with cop weapons, no matter the class. It is enabled by default and you can disable it here: