I hate to be that one guy that can’t figure out the simplest of things, but I just for some reason can’t wrap my head around this.
The default DarkRP hud is overlapping my new hud. This is what it looks like.

Any and all help are appreciated!
Edit: I know it’s dumb, but if you’re going to mark it down as dumb then you must know what’s wrong. So please. Any help is appreciated.

Your link doesn’t work.

I’m not familiar with darkrp but searching through the source code told me you can use the HUDShouldDraw hook can be used to override the agenda, lock down and hunger mod huds:

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Also found: DarkRP_HUD

So to give an example:
(typing on my phone so bare with me)
[lua] hook.Add(‘HUDShouldDraw’, ‘hidedefaault’, function(name) if name == ‘DarkRP_HUD’ then return false end end) [/lua]

also there is more then just DarkRP_HUD.
here you can see all of them, even with comments what they do exactly :slight_smile:

Thank you to everyone that has attempted to help. I am going to try everything that was recommended.

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Ok, so I placed that hook in there, but nothing changed. Is there another area I am supposed to put that in? Thank you btw.

Change the values in that table; don’t add a separate hook.