Default Door Groups

Can anyone tell me how to set doors to have a default group on Dark RP?

I don’t want to be going onto the server every time i join to set the CP doors.

This is the Lua scripting section. Try your luck in the DarkRP thread.

This should automatically be saved by DarkRP itself, got any error in console?

Nope, no errors at all. If i mapchange to my default map, it’s fine and has the same groups.

Although, if i restart the server or mapchange to a different map, then back to default, it’s reset… :frowning:

(My default map is rp_downtown_v2)


Do you use the inbuilt MySQL stuff? If not, try do:

lua_run for _,ply in pairs(player.GetAll()) do ply:PrintMessage(HUD_PRINTCONSOLE, "SQL Error: "..sql.LastError()) end

inside your server’s rcon after you loaded a map where the door groups didn’t work, then show us what was printed into your console.