Default H.U.D.

I can’t remember what mod it was, but it really messed some things up. For instance, my health, energy, and ammo bars are a blue and white scheme, and some of my weapons look like so:

From left to right: Shotgun, Grenade, Crossbow
The shotgun is the only one that seems to have the actual model changed, because if an npc has a grenade or crossbow, the model is fine.

So is there a way I can reset my HUD and all that back to default without reinstalling?

Simple, clean out your garrysmod folder, or if you just want the models and materials gone, delete the models and materials folder

check my post, “All Sounds Replaced with my Voice Fixation” post.

What are you smoking? This is for his weapons and crap not sounds.

As said above, delete your Garrysmod/Garrysmod directory, or the whole thing, and/or save your garrysmod/addons.

The post has something to do with cleaning up those completely fucked up weapons, so don’t get so analytical until you actually read it, ok?

Sorry I don’t read pointless threads k?

then why do you talk about them as if you have read them? just makes you look like a douchebag.

I don’t act like I’ve read them, the title of his pointless thread has nothing to do with this thread. You really think a thead that he posted called
“All Sounds Replaced with my Voice Fixation” would have anything to do with this person weapons? I don’t think so.

Yo shut the fuck up you two up there !
And you should do clean GMod installation. Or delete all models/materials.

Well being as how he pretty much said that it had something to do with it, yes I would think so. Not to mention, if you did any kind of coding you’d realize that sound and material errors often have similar if not the same solution. I understand if you wanna troll but please, be alittle more educated about the topic you’re trolling.

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