Default HL2 Vending machine texture


I’m trying to make my own small custom skin for the vending machine, however first I need the default texture, as I can’t find it in the Gmod or HL2 files, and I don’t feel like editing a custom one off or Gamebanana, since often those skins are shabby and the textures clip onto parts they aren’t meant to.

Here, go nuts. It’s from the CS:S game cache, but it works the same.

Thanks, but it wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for. I just wanted the default texture, rather a template

Well, I don’t own HL2 so I can’t grab the files from there myself. If it helps though, you could probably rip them yourself by looking in the “materials/models/props” section in the game cache for HL2, assuming you haven’t already. Otherwise, what I provided you with is about equal to what you would find for HL2’s vending machine.

I found myself a texture, problem solved.