Default HUD Suit?

I have TCB HUD V1 and I’m seeing this when I have armor.

HUD is disabled in disabled defaults and DarkRP_HUD is disabled in the TCB HUD config. What is going on?

I am also seeing the sandbox thing when I look at someone that says their name and 100% health, but I want the DarkRP one.

Other proplems I still need help with:

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Player name thing fixed by adding

		["CHudHealth"] = true,
		["CHudBattery"] = true,
		["CHudSuitPower"] = true,

to the HUD config but I am still seeing the suit.

I’d just say to tell the author of the addon the problem.

How do you suppose I contact TCB?

Hey! I just googled his website and found this! It might be of some help to you

Yeah I just did that, thanks