Default model head size

The default model’s head is about the same width as the body. Are there any plans for an alternative with a properly proportioned head? There are rumors that Facepunch wants to incentivize people to use the default model(s) so they can sell cosmetics, but the current default model has a gigantic head that would make headshots very easy. I’m a very competitive player and am concerned that shooter type game modes will either not use the default model and therefore get less incentives or use the default model and reduce headshot bonus damage.

Everyone will just wear a big hat to make their head look bigger

No plans at the moment. Don’t worry about it.

look I think the default model could literally be a dildo with arms and people will still play and not care, the minor details aren’t that important when the To-do list for the game is huge already. :doughnut:

you can use whatever model you want for your gamemode
its literally a single line of code