Default shotgun model not working

I don’t ever remember downloading a shotgun replacement mod, but now it’s an unreal tournament style shotgun with no texture. How can I set it back?

Try getting the original files from the GCF. (I think)

Or delete your Models, Materials and Sounds folder.

No, just do the GCF method. This is pretty much guaranteed to do it.


the GCF?

In your Half Life 2 folder you will find GCF files. They can be opened if you have the program GCFScape. They are kind of like big folders and they hold a copy of every folder used in Half Life 2. Every Source game has a GCF.

here’s a link explaining it and at the bottom there should be a download link:

If you delete the Materials, Models and Sounds folder it will take the content from the GCF.

Erasing any custom models/textures/sounds he has.

Yes, and that was why I said that he probably shouldn’t. Because if he had any other custom files, he’d lose them along with the borked shotgun files.

The shotgun files will always use the same files. While there may be a custom folder for custom textures for the model (this is similar to some CSS remodels), the model files themselves will be the same name. Since you’re using a custom model, the model files want to use these custom textures. Reverting the model files from the GCF (Game Cache File) will reset the models for the shotgun, and tell the model files to use the textures from the default shotgun.

If you have GCFscape (which is how you’d extract the files), here’s what you do.

In GCFscape, open up the GCF named “Source Materials.” Open the folders in this order . Source Materials->hl2->materials->models->weapons. CTRL+Left Click V_shotgun and W_shotgun. Right Click and extract to: Program Files->Steam->Steamapps->username->garrysmod->garrysmod->materials->models->weapons.

Repeat this process by going into the GCF named Source models.
hl2->models->weapons. Now, CTRL+Click on all files named v_shotgun (leave alone the ones with v_shotgun_dx7) and w_shotgun (same as the v_models). Extract these to:
Program Files->Steam->Steamapps->username->garrysmod->garrysmod->models->weapons.

Hope this helps.