Default SWEP location?

Hey again guys, I was just curious. Is there a default lua for non-swep weapons. Like, weapon_grenade is not in my weapon entities folder yet is loaded anyway (as is crowbar and stun stick). Is there a lua for them so I can edit their slot and ammo reserve and ammo type? Or do I have to make an swep for it?

Those are not SWeps. SWep means Scripted Weapon, which they are not. The default weapons are built into Garry’s Mod.

So you’ll have to make you’re own SWep that acts like the weapon if you want to change anything.

Ah, so they dont have lua files for them anywhere? Like, they arent in a dll or gcf file somewhere that I can just duplicate?

Nope, no lua involved at all. :slight_smile: Sure you can find some files about them but they won’t help you here. But don’t worry they’re (for the most part) kinda easy to remake. To find out about animation names and durations just use the source sdk model viewer.