Default sweps do not show up, as well as some entities (default ones i think)

as the title says, the default Gmod sweps and entities ( i think) do not show up.
Ive got CS sweps showing up, and my add-on sweps, but no Gmod sweps, like camera, physgun, or any of the ones that came with Gmod 9 default do not show on the spawn menu.

camera is in the tool menu, and physgun is the third slot of the first column (with the crow bar and gravgun)

None of those are there!!!
none of the HL2 ones either

oh. that is very strange.

are you sure everything mounted right? (look at the top on the console when you first load up a map, it will say what mounted)

what sould be mounted?

depends what games you have.

But see if there is any thing besides “game mounted” or “didn’t have permission to mount” (or something like that)

It is possible Half Life 2 isn’t mounting right. Reinstalling GMod, or verifying the files might fix that.

To verify the files, open up Steam, and right click on GMod, go to Properties, Local Files, Verify Integrity of game cache