Default Thruster Sounds set to "None"

I’d like to have the thruster sounds option set as default to “None” Mostly because when you or a friend builds a contraption involving thrusters like a plane or hovercraft, you then have to deal with that annoying “SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS” 24/7 if they/you forget to change it. It tends to get quite annoying and after a while, and drives me crazy.

If it was set to default, it would eliminate the whole issue.

God I fucking hate that. Or at least make it more settle.

Edit: You could edit them client-side.

I agree.

The thruster’s sound preset should be set to “None” by default.

stopsounds to console. Helps for me, but sometimes it blocks map sounds too.

Stop soudns is useful, and mutes all sounds clientside that play at that moment, pretty much it wont take long before the user of the thrusters turns them off than on for a moment, and the sound will be back.

oh god stop that sound!!!

God I wish that it was off by default. You tell people to turn it off then they cant figure out how :v:

There’s a mod somewhere that replaces the sound with silence.

Yeah, this is it, but it doesn’t look all that good.

Anyway, it’s

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