Default Vehicle Third Person Broken

Just yesterday, i put in a command because my hud was gone. The command was “hud_draw 1”. Assuming that it would solve the problem i had, it was quite the contrary. When i logged back onto the server the server i was playing on, my first instinct is to go into third person when I drive (I got my car from the car dealer). As i go into third person (ctrl), my screen just freakes out horribly. Here is the video that I took for people to help me out with: (P.S. I placed so many cars to prove that it’s not just tdm or sligwolf.)

Does this just happen to you or do other people on the server (if it even is a server) say that it happens to them too? If not it’s probably just an addon interfering with it. Try disabling all your addons and see if it still happens.

It is on a server, me and one other player have the problem. I have uninstalled gmod and reinstalled it and even disabled all addons. Yet it is still broken.
EDIT It happens on singleplayer and on every other server I play on.