default wepons

hey guys is there a way of changing the defult weapons in gmod?


i have seen it befor there is i just want to no how to do it

You can’t.

What do you mean? Like built into the game so you don’t have to add files or folders? IMPOSSIBLE (Unless by garry or someone) Although, You /can/ change a function in GM:PlayerLoadout Just Download a swep you want to spawn with and put it in this line… Ply:Give(“WeaponFOLDERname”);

He wants to change the default crowbar, gravity gun, pistol, etc.

You sure? he wasn’t very specific.

That’s what he means.

I believe that for using the word “wepon” you should be burned at the stake.

But no, there is no way to change the weapons.

Dont worrie i have done it :wink:

Er, If you mean by replacing them, you are lieing, If you mean with GM:PlayerLoadout, Then ok, That is not a replacement though.


ye i ment GM:PlayerLoadout