Default Zombie missing texture...

I apologize for the “PAGE ENGULFING IMAGE,” but don’t you think it awkward to have a zombie that came with the game, that has NO texture to it? Yeah, well, I never touched the zombie’s skin. Can someone help me out, please?

Do you have Half-Life 2? You most likely do , reinstalling the game could work.

Which one? Garrys Mod? And yes, I do hav HL2.

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Which one? Garrys Mod? And yes, I do have HL2.

Garry’s Mod , Yes.

Tried it, didn’t work. :confused: Thanks anyways.

Sorry mate :expressionless: , you could try downloading the model from a different source and installing it , I wouldn’t know how to though.

Try getting a custom skin for the zombie. It won’t be default but it will work hopefully

verify cache integrity, for both garry’s mod and half-life 2

to do this, you need to right-click the game in the steam library and click properties.
go under the tab local files, and there’s a button with a similar name.
you’ll need to do this for both games.