Defcon 2.

Damnit, I thought this was going to be actual info about a sequel to Defcon.

I love that game as well, though lets talk about the screenshot… The MP guy in the back looks like he’s floating a bit instead of actually walking, in my opinion, but I like the posing on the other guy running.

How did you think there would be info on a game in the gmod screenshot section?

it might be cause the other guy is also running :slight_smile:

Only saw the title in the ticker and clicked as fast as I could, I didn’t check what section it was in.

Since we all love defcon and I assume we all own it. Why don’t we arrange a nice game of it!

I got a mumble server and I can hand you guys the password and we can all have a few rounds!

I haven’t played in a while so my skills probably won’t be up to standard.

the simple dof kills it

super dof crashes my gmod.


I just saw it.