"Defeat or die in Stalingrad"


That body on the right makes it look like the Sniper is doing the most awkward position ever to fire out of the window. Makes him look like some sort of Nazi Reptile/Human Experiment. But yeah, i would say to not use the default blood and bullet shot decals. Also the put some lamps outside of the window to make the shadows really pop and make it look more natural like their is sunligh coming out of the windows.

My computer sadly, can’t handle shadows so, I had to to with that.

Oh, didn’t know that man sorry. But yeah, the composition of the shot is pretty good. Only thing i would change is give the guy on the left window to look more like he is aiming down the site of the gun and pull the sniper back a little bit because sticking your rifle out the window is a good way to get killed.

I like it. :v:

The only problem I had was the default bulletholes and blood, along with the obvious stated above.
Keep it up. :smile:

Holy shit bullet shells in a gun scene.