Defence needs a "buff".

So with the introduction of ladders and rockets, I’m starting to feel like players are being given more and more ways to get IN to bases, but defensive capabilities are becoming a bit stagnant.

And yes, I know we have traps and spikes now, but most of the time this can simply be avoided, or are easy too destroy.

I play alone, and my only real defence is when I’m actually online.

Being a single player, I’ve always been more of a subscriber to the idea that staying hidden is the best defence. I would love to see some sort of camouflage be introduced, so smaller bases could rely more on clever positioning than actual defence.

Don’t get me wrong, I hate the idea of un-raidable bases. But to have a few more defensive options other than “build spikes and upgrade walls” would be nice.


Most of the buildings are raidable, its just the amount of time you are putting in too the raid ( and the amount of materials. ) And if a building is unraidable. Its oke, because they worked for it and figure out how to do it. Now its like the devs are adding stuff too make the raiding more and more easier.

why not try covering your house in painted signs - for example white in the snow

Its a good idea, but the issue is that sometimes signs can take a little while to render properly, so just appear as flat wooden boards until you get close enough for the actual painting to “load”. If that makes sense?