Defenders need defenses!

Hey all, I’ve logged about 100 hours into Rust in total, 80 being in Experimental, and I can’t help but say its fairly unbalanced at the moment. I know there has been threads about this before, but I just wanna know if there will be any new defenses or ways for home owners to defend their base, because right now, it’s pretty much unfair. If you have a stone base for example, any person or persons could come, and break in with pickaxes, and with the massive jump with armored wall mats, you are pretty much screwed over if you cant log more than 5-10 hours in when you just build a base if you play solo. For example, last night I got on a new server, spent 3 hours gathering rocks, and built a 3x3 stone honeycomb base with the lootroom in the middle. All my doors were scrap metal (1000 metal frags = 2 armored walls). I log off for the night in my lootroom, having spent around 6 hours online at this point; I come back in 5 hours later, to find my base completely picked clean. I know most would say, “hah scrub ma3k arm0red w4lls n00b”, but with 500 frags a wall, its very unrealistic. Not trying to rant, just wish for some balance for people who don’t live ingame. Also, any idea for some base defenses for when your offline? I saw generators for concept art, and I think it would be cool if we could have some sort of Alarm system that would warn you through steam! Again, not ranting, just asking/wishing!

TL:DR - Add defenses/balance for bases and raiding!

The generator concept art. Pulled off trello:

Been saying that for ages… unless you live in game or are in a big clan, its extreme difficult to be semi-safe if you have normal working / school hours to deal with.

Even the semi-exploits to be safe these days are mostly removed ( build-up’s / elevator designs / rock bases = rockets ). And with the crazy metal costs for armored walls… So far that metal amount is no problem for any clan but most single or small group players its a big problem to armor up your walls.

One one server with maybe 20+ hours in, and knowing what i do ( and a good peaceful location ), i was able to armor up maybe 20 or 30 items ( walls / floors / pillars ). I can not keep up with wood cutting to constantly process the iron and i can not keep my fire going for 20h because of the limits in the furnaces.

House defenses are a necessity for small players but at the same time you already know that big groups will out perform you and me on the servers and maybe start putting those house defense all over the map. Imagine a automated gun as a house defense. I can see clans who have the resources just putting them everywhere in area’s to make massive no-mans-land zones ( around rad towns, know rock spawning area’s, known newbie spawn area’s ).

I personally think if clans did not exist on the servers, that there will be much more action, less mega bases. So more individual action…

The best defense at the time seems to be to try and get a group of your own, go run naked around and try to recruit for a town.

Sure you will die a couple hundred times but you will appeal to other starting players perhaps even other starting groups and eventually your numbers can grow.

I recommend making a 2x2 with option to expand it and making the 2x2 armored. then you simply put barricades ( at least barbed if not metal ones ) on the roof and covering all outside walls.

once you get back oyu can expand it to a 3x3 or more with more barricades.

barricades can be pickaxed but they deal around 7-10 damage at wood tier and it goes way up from there each swing. to the picker. so double up on barricades where you can.

To make the 2x2 armored your going to need 5500 metal fragments, and like I said, if your playing solo, that’s going to take a obscene amount of time. If I want to expand, I can’t place barricades on the roof and all around. Like I said again, some people can’t live ingame.

I kinda hate the fact that you NEED to group up to be able to advance in this game (if you have a work or school). <- This is not 100% correct, but I’m sure you get what I mean.

In legacy one could just build a house in the wastelands and be safe most of the time. But here… there’s no place to hide. And once you show that you have the resources and weapons, you are going to get raided by a big group.

And we need to keep in mind that not everyone wants to play in a group… Some people just like to play alone or with a friend and that’s it.

Find a med-population server (30-40 players in primetime). Not as busy or hacker filled as the official server but enough players to be fun.

Build a simple but secure small house like a 2x2 or 2x3 with 2 story block elevator up to the 3rd level which is where you keep loot and the cupboard/s. Wood will do as you are building up but replace at least the foundations and 1st level of walls with stone as soon as you can. Put the elevator in the doorway, this adds security until you can get a codelock for the front door (don’t bother with a lock before this, with the elevator you don’t really need one apart not having to worry about being ambushed going into your own base).

Base like this is cheap (2400 stone + some wood for 2x2 version) and yet relatively secure, it would take some aggressive (and fairly expensive) demolition from a group to bring it down once you’ve got the stone 1st level. Should keep you safe while you expand it or gather materials for a bigger base.

Thx for this topic.
Thats fully true about unfair between ofensive players and defendors.
We heard about traps and alarms few months ago, i hope its incoming live to rust. Also i hope rust legacy ll ‘die’ then all players join to experimental :slight_smile: gj fpunch for making this game gorgeous.

Thats to easy to make 6-10 c4 then demolish your hut what u made in last 5 days as solo. Im sure the game makers working on it to make us all happy. I would like to make a house as solo untouchable for 3-4 aggresive teams. Its impossible right now, hope u ll add huge amount of traps, wolves from cages in house :slight_smile: , holes with spikes, automatic weapons etc. So maybe ill sleep someday instead of checking the house every 5 minutes.

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traps are not so usefull if ur 100hp and full raid gear, u get 50dmg from it and some bleeding. and animals mostly trigger traps. for solo players: go to beach near desert, put 3-4 smelter to under water (deep over melee range) with codelock and some bigger chest and ur sleeping bag too. build a crapy house near at dryland, put some box in with crapy loot, cupboard, bag. and deal. nobody can destroy bags and open codelocked boxes under water if they deep enough and they cant destroy ur bag… only with c4…

if you cannot manage a 2x2 by yourself you are doing something wrong, because you can make like 4 furnaces super easy and cook 3-4 stacks of a few hundred ore at a time and you get metal at rapid speeds.

EDIT: btw armored tier takes 3 c4 to break. and when you make a furnace, put 2-300 ore in 4 different stacks, making the charcoal jump out of the furnace and only the metal stays this tactic lets oyu cook metal frags very fast.