Also available in 4k and 1080p. Add “NDOF/” to the link before the actual image file to view a version with no DOF at any resolution (besides the preview)

always love to see non-shitty use of those stock muzzleflashes

the nanosuit’s armor effect is really distracting though

The direction of the gun in the right hand of the nano-suit seems off to me.
Then again, I’m probably looking at it wrong.

The posing in general’s a bit awkward. Everyone seems pretty stiff.

This is the most ragdoll-centric pose I’ve ever done, it’s definitely not my strong point. Any advice?


Also, this is a scenebuild on gm_black using the z-pass method.

Here’s the original and z-pass, if anybody wants to take a crack at the editing for practice.

I definitely loved the idea.

The nano-suit fellow is overextended.
His guns are aiming a direction that makes no sense compared to where he is heading.
Should have brought his left arm closer to his front a bit along with the gun, and in the right arm should have tucked the stock under his arm instead of having it above his arm.

The metroid fellow, from how i perceive it, looks like they’re missing the shot.
imo should have brought arm closer to us so that it looks like a more direct chest shot.

editing is nice, though. looks good.