Defense against the Glitchers

**Okay guys, here’s the deal.
As Admins, and **legitimate **players, we all need to seriously work together to fend of the “glitchers” and cheaters of the game.

**I think one of the first steps, is that we should share and combine ALL of our Banned SteamIDs. ** To me, this feels like one of the first lines of defense we can throw out there since nothing is being done yet and the problem is growing exponentially worse. The second step, is having every player possible, and yourself, report those SteamID/Profiles for cheating.

Start listing them in this thread, AS MANY AS YOU WANT. This will very well heavily prevent the “glitchers” from Steamrolling through servers causing pathetic and silly chaos and prevent them from ever playing the game again once it’s more stable and the Devs of the game actually decide to show some thought/care about their creation and playerbase.

Also, I HIGHLY recommend any of you Admins or Server Owners seek a Third Party Anti-Cheat to be put into your Rust server - As it would be useful even years down the road. I’ve asked HFB Servers to do the same, and I am waiting on an answer.

My list so far:

banid 76561198060939977
banid 76561198098760314
banid 76561198110882002
banid 76561198052588925
banid 76561198120155634
banid 76561198011921627
banid 76561198022676494
banid 76561198113377131
banid 76561198121710462

Copied straight from my cfg\bans.cfg file.

Also, please do not refer to the Glitchers as Hackers, they are nowhere near “hacking” and do not deserve that title.

I fully support this. For now it seems a reasonable defense, especially for those of us who have rather small servers that are very easily overrun by just a couple cheaters.
Here is my current ban-list: (some of these are just assholes who got banned just for being assholes, or people who used special characters and refused to change them)
banid 76561197978134915
banid 76561198024735691
banid 76561198046557809
banid 76561198016837917
banid 76561197978653290
banid 76561197994220405
banid 76561197967456035
banid 76561198057362893
banid 76561198013230616
banid 76561198031619455
banid 76561198044654757
banid 76561197988793847
banid 76561198064905212
banid 76561198079367325
banid 76561197971914015
banid 76561198105462038

I’ll leave my list up for now… but I just had a thought that could make this whole thread go downhill fast.
Ppl can get anyone’s steamid64, meaning someone could potentially troll this thread and post legitimate players’ steamids.
Thoughts? I guess if an admin gets banned it’s not a big deal since it can easily be reversed… but i dunno.

EDIT #2:
I think this thread started off with good intentions, however it did quickly roll downhill and is no longer viable, imo.

I’m with you on this one, here is my share:
banid 76561197973874856
banid 76561197961191700
banid 76561197974262762
banid 76561198053890413
banid 76561197974548305
banid 76561198119182676
banid 76561198082652879
banid 76561198069578911
banid 76561197999894049
banid 76561198089549768
banid 76561198092197639
banid 76561198020610187
banid 76561198012383550
banid 76561198004998598
banid 76561198063455199
banid 76561198091913962


Because you can trust everyone on Facepunch to list only valid hacker steam ids.

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Case in point.

I agree, hence my edit after the fact xD

this is a bad idea lol, i’ve been banned from servers just because the admins were dickheads ( i wasted a ton of ammo on some asshole in godmode, then complained about it, so i was banned), and that wasn’t the server owner, so an owner could easily post a list with such bans like that from their admins without knowing

Definitely don’t do this. I’ve never been banned, so I don’t really have to worry, but this could so easily be abused. Sounds like a recipe for having someone slip in an ID of someone they don’t like and getting them banned to a lot of servers.

Please don’t use this. The reason something like VAC ban lists is that VAC bans them only if they’re being hackers, with this the admin could have banned someone that they just didn’t like.

Too bad VAC takes 1 week to 4 months to do that. VAC may not detect people corrupting their game files either, as opposed to easily detecting a third party program like an aimbot.

Hopefully you are 100% about the guys on the list you’ve provided considering this post,

Well we know at least that it detects hacks, but only the people that developed it and the people that implement it into their game know what it doesn’t look for.

Here’s my list:

The Ugly, could you just copy it out of your bans.cfg file?

Thanks for this thread, this will help me alot with my server :slight_smile: but im wondering, what type of glitch’s are there right now? so i know what to look out for.

Eleganze, right now there are certain .dll, data files of rust, and framework items that people can delete, move, alter, or otherwise corrupt, that causes glitches in their game(like super speed or clipping through walls/doors) and carries over to whatever server they log on to. There are also of course, third party applications, that show you data(location of people/minerals/structures) on everything, act as an aimbot, duplicating items, etc.

That’s all I know of atm.

I would not use other admins ban lists that I do not know cause I have no idea if maybe someone just banned people cause they THOUGHT they were hacking. I am not really keen on using OTHER admins banlists but I will share mine with you guys.

I check all players that have reports of hacks with invis gear and make sure I have seen them my self either glitching into a base or headshooting me from across a field while I am invis before I ban anyone. MOST of the bans are glitchers though that I just caught going thru peoples walls.

banid 76561197968179115
banid 76561197980328585
banid 76561197972725430
banid 76561197964001457
banid 76561198066267064
banid 76561198107510221
banid 76561198103053758
banid 76561198042902056
banid 76561197967456035
banid 76561198005325454
banid 76561198028841901
banid 76561198120919268
banid 76561198065662721
banid 76561198031375488
banid 76561198015335899
banid 76561198042280220
banid 76561198080315823
banid 76561198119049957
banid 76561198011060934
banid 76561198012244825
banid 76561198005852552
banid 76561198016890574
banid 76561197990317285
banid 76561198066616697

Great advice Teamvortex.

Ok, I’m thinking on one thing…

I will make a website for admins, like a page where admins can add their bans info (Steamid, Nick, Reason).

What do you think about?

That will still get abused in the same way the list that’s been created here in this thread will be abused. It’s just a bad idea all around.