Defense Gamemode

For the second time(because the first time this thread disapeared) does someone think they can make a gamemode that is like a defense flash game where you can upgrade fort, weapons, health, allies, and fight hordes of enemies non stop?

Flash game? This is for GMod gamemodes.

He said “make a gamemode that IS LIKE A DEFENSE FLASH GAME”, not make a flash game.

Yeah like those castle defender type games.

Nope, never gonna happen. Never.


Hehe, click on his post, it’s a link.

Right. My bad. I gave myself a bad reading just to show me what-for.

Thats ok


Sorry Yobdren I guess I should start rolling over people’s replies for now on :stuck_out_tongue:


I know this is kinda out of the blue but does someone have or know how to get ragdolls from Turok Dinosaur Hunter the first Turok for N64?