Defense of the Antlion (Proposal) (Requesting Help)

UPDATE: 31/05/11
Game Design Document:

Skills Required:
Particle Effects: Will need people who can create particle effects for the various abilities.

Programmers: In discussion with a few very talented programmers, would love to hear from more though.

Will pay for your efforts: I have spent 70$ towards the map already. Paying up to 500$ for a good programmer, will also pay for particle effect animators as well.

Game Concept: This planed gamemode could be actually quite unique compared to any other fps (to my knowledge) to date. In a nutshell, the idea is to take some of the best qualities of fps (action and skill) and take elements from the game DOTA (teamwork, farming, pushing, and magic). The game will be based on the DOTA map (also seen in Heroes of Neworth and League of Legends), and players will choose a certain class to play as and will be viewed in a fps perspective like in half life 2 and will gain experience and money, like in DOTA, which they will use to become more powerful as the game progresses.

Genre: DOTA (4 GMOD) is a combination of FPS, RPG and DOTA elements. The FPS elements that it uses is the reflex and aiming skills that are required for melee combat and spatial awareness skills to help avoid damage and traverse the environment. Other FPS elements are the class role warfare, with different players having different roles within the team. RPG elements it takes are, gaining power from leveling up as you kill enemies and buying items from gold collected. The DOTA elements that it is to take, is in the form of encouraging team cooperation, and other teaming up mechanics in terms of defending, pushing and killing, as well as skills relating to using abilities in synch with teammates.
Therefore player’s strength is determined by two main factors, the level of skill they have in fps shooters, and the stats of their character in terms of character attributes, abilities and items. This is in difference to games like Unreal tournament which is 100% skilled based and games like WOW where its 100% stats based. And unlike in other RPGs, characters should not be able to succeed very much without teammates.



Map created by Don Punch, who I could not recommend high enough, great mapper, very professional attitude.

Currently in discussion with a couple of really talented programmers who have shown interest in the project, would still like to hear back from any other programmers who got spare time, can work at least a couple of hours each day (on average) and who want 500$.


I still desperately need a decent programmer to help me code this gamemode. Im willing to pay up to 500$.

Ive also done a rather massive update to the Game design document which is now 33 pages

Here are some of the design documents ive made recently:

Ive updated what I want the teleport menu / tactical map to look like
This above pic shows the options I want the player to have when they click on one of the icons.
Above is the minimum information I want in a class select screen

Below are all the rough draft classes I want in the first version








I desperately require a LUA programmer and a MAPPER, preferably one who has created a game mode before. Im looking to pay between 100 to 150$ for the programming and 30-60$ for the mapper, but thats just my guess, willing to discuss paying more if someone is interested (and talented).
I have only provided the game concept and the dot points for briefer sake, some parts refer to screenshots which are not shown here. Please let me know if there is any questions/suggestions/anything-else you want to say.

Game Concept
This planed gamemode will be actually unique compared to any other fps (to my knowledge). In a nutshell the idea is to take some of the best qualities of fps (action and skill) and take elements from the game dota (teamwork, farming, pushing, magic). The game will be based on the dota map, and players will choose a certain class to play as, like in dota, but will be viewed in a fps experience like half life and will gain experience and money, which they will use to become more powerful as the game progresses.
Gameplay Dot Points

Basic Rules of Gamemode

*Two teams on opposing sides of the map
*Each team will have a base (area of map where they are heavily defended and which they spawn, buy items, and regenerate)
*Each side is ultimately aiming to destroy the enemy base’s heart . If main structure in base is destroyed, opposing team wins.

	Map layout

*3 lanes coming out of each base and connecting to the enemys base, confirming to dota map layout.
*River running through middle of map which bisects all 3 lanes, this allows movement between lanes.
*Connecting paths running through forest that stands between the lanes


*On each lane there should be 3 towers for each team (6 in total for each lane), one tower is at the beginning of the lane (where npcs spawn and start marching from), the other 2 further along the lane. Theres is also one tower inside the base which protects the heart (the structure which if gets destroyed, the team loses).
*Towers become progressively stronger the closer they are to the heart of a base. 8,9,10,11,12,13 are the weakest, 5,6,7,14,15,16 are second strongest. 2,3,4,19,18,17 are the third strongest type. 1 and 20 are the strongest types of towers
*Early on in the game players should not be able to push too far, as towers should damage to much health for early level heroes.
*As game progress, players ability to kill becomes greater and towers do less damage because of heros having more health and amour.
*Towers should fire projectiles that track target. Projectiles are unavoidable once fired, towers do high damage against players and creeps.
*If multiple units within range of a tower, tower should target a unit randomly with two exceptions.
a) Prioritize units that are actually attacking it (oppose to units (players/npcs) fighting npcs)
b) Change targets as soon as a player starts attacking a friendly player. Example if player a and player b are fighting within range of player b’s tower. The tower should asap target player a. This is to make sure the tower actually defends a player when he is under attack.

      Creeps (npcs)

*Every 30 seconds creeps (npcs) spawn from both bases(towers 2,3,4 and 19,18,17, see diagram above), 3 sets each, one for each lane. All up 6 sets of creeps spawn every 30 seconds. Creeps following lane towards enemy base.
*Creeps should spawn in groups of 3 to 4 units, and walk together. Creeps should be mostly melee (fast zombies for example) and a couple range (whatever range unit).
*Have to ensure that the creeps are not too easy to dodge. Otherwise a good player will kill a whole group without being damaged.
*When creeps encounter enemy players or enemy creeps they will start to fight.
*Enemy creeps should only chase players so far, if they go beyond a distance they should go back to lane and keep pushing
*Without player intervention, creeps should fight indefinitely nether getting the upper hand.
*If a player attacks another player, the creeps on the same side as the player getting attacked should change target and attack the player doing the attacking. Example: If a team blue player attacks a team red player, the creeps that are nearby the team red player should start attacking the blue play to help the red player.
*Creeps should become a bit more stronger as game progresses
*Creeps provide majority supply of money to players (by killing them)

         Player Behavior (Gameplay Flow below)

*Players play as 1 of 7 classes, level up and buy items and become more powerful as they gain experience and gold.
*Players will gain money by “last hitting” enemy creeps (this is placing the hit which actually kills the npc)
*Players can attempt to kill other players but will be deterred by other player’s creeps and towers defending them.
*Players will gain larger amounts of money by killing enemy heroes
*Players will be rewarded for fighting together in a team.
*Teamwork should be required to kill enemy heroes, using abilities and items that each player has.
*Teamwork is the most important element (hopefully)
*Players return to base frequently to regenerate and purchase items.
*Players should have ability to teleport back to base, to a tower to defend it and other players planning a gank.
*Players who kill multiple times in a row, they get kill streak extra money.
*Players will gain experience if they are nearby when enemy creep or hero dies, which will lead to them leveling up and gaining stronger abilities.
*There will be a visual indicator when a creep is on very low health

Abilities (Classes and abilities description below)

*All classes have two abilities
*Each level up will grant one point to allocate to either of the two abilities (players choice)
*Abilities should have visual indicator of use

Items (Further Detail below)

*Each player may hold up to 6 items
*Items can be sold
*Items affect stats, such as, attack speed, amour, max health, max mana, health regen, mana regen, evasion chance (chance to dodge a physical attack), movement speed etc.


*Scoreboard should have names, lvl, class, and what items they have
*Button for seeing player/npcs health’s. Button for seeing where teammates, enemies are (detailed below)
*Players should be prompted at several times for opportunity to teleports (detailed below)

UPDATE 11/05/11
Sorry Ive already paid a mapper 40$ in advance. If Im not happy with his final edition, i’ll let you know and give ya a chance.

For the people who dont give me dumb ratings all the time, I’ll upload pics of the progress so far

Mock up of a hud display I want

Holding down the alt button displaying units/players healths

Players locations will be based of this

And some silly load screen I created in like 5 minutes

So you’re a ideas guy with money?

And what are you going to do for the gamemode? Take the credit?

“So you’re a ideas guy with money?” - Yeap
“And what are you going to do for the gamemode? Take the credit?” - I’ll give credit where its due, to mapper, coder, testers, people who give suggestions. But I’m going to take credit for the design at least, I don’t think thats asking too much.

If he’s paying for people to do it does it really matter?

Im still doing work towards the project. I work hard at my menial job and give the money I earn from that to somebody to code. I just know somebody can do a better job programming then I can. And its not as if im trying to rip anybody off, just offering to pay for a potential awesome gamemode that the whole community can enjoy (free of charge).

On that note, im talking to a few coders and a couple of mappers. But would really like to hear from some experienced programmers, maybe somebody who has made a successful gamemode before. Cheers.

Oh finally an ideas guy who is actually willing to pay more than 5 dollars.
I would love(and pretty able I believe) to make this but I sadly can’t accept. I’m in charge of two private gamemodes right now and I am not willing to take a third one. What’s more these gamemodes are gonna take a while, it would be a waste of time to wait until I’m done with them.
Other than luck there’s nothing else I can wish you. Best of it.

Hmm, I ask that you contact me via . I am a mapper, and I’d be interested on working on it, depending on what you are looking for. On an off note; Hey Wolfo!.

See top post for latest details

I really hope that the map has only been in the works for a few hours

It’s quite easy to realize that whoever is mapping has absolutely no idea how to map, properly that is. Even if you were working on a map for five minutes, if you’re a good mapper you will start with a good layout and a good concept, not create a pile of shit right from the start, like the above screenshots illustrate.

Lol, I dont think your being completly fair, you say he should make a layout but all I see in his map so far is a layout, that doesnt look like a layout too you?

Yeah thats only a few hours

Even though I turned down this job I can still help right? Anyway personally I’d start from the centre and work outwards as you can never know how big you’ll want to make something, so if you start with an outside layout then you’ll have to compromise map quality. Also I’d have put lighting in a few hours, looks fullbright, but thats only what I’d do, I’ll only lose faith in your mapper if its still bad after a few days development… Post some more screens soon!

Yeah dude you can help, the more the merrier

Hey Simonjb or any other mapper, if you want to help me create the map, I’m looking for another mapper to help me create this map. Me and last mapper had misunderstanding about the Elevation levels and long story short, 40$ wasted. If you can make me a basic outline with all the right elevations I’ll send you some money in advance and 60$ when you finish. < Heres whats been done so far, if it helps.

This is the map I want recreated: Dota from, very popular map which defined a genre of games. Partially seen in LoL and copied directly in Hon.

This is all the ramps are on the map.

And this is the one I should of made to begin with, its the height map.

Like to hear from anybody whose a decent mapper who wants a small amount of cash.
P.S: I do not want ownership of this map, just to be able to use it for my gamemode, you can go on and do whatever you want with it.

This is why you ask anyone you hire for a portfolio up front

See top post for latest details

Man, if it hadn’t been 4 years since I made a map and if I could use the SDK…

Honestly, looking up at this, it seems more like an entire game then a game mode. I suggest instead, try making a mod out of this. That way, you can have C++ leeway, and have the ability to do so much more, then just what Garry’s mod gives you in Lua. You can even have a single player, difficulties, and more with a mod, seeing how detailed this is. Either way, just know my mapping offer is still on the table.

Thx for the advice bro. Your probably right, its pretty big for a gmod gamemode. Dont really know if 500$ will go very far if I start asking coders to program from scratch tho. But if its popular on gmod (if it ever gets made) then I would think about expanding to a standalone game. You have any ideas about candidate game engines id love to hear them.