Defense Suggestion For Devs

Hey guys,

I was wondering and I don’t know if it is a good idea for the Defense problem but here it is:

Upgrading your building, if you have a Metal Door which can be destructed by 2 C4, when you upgrade that with + 200 Metal Fragments the guy needs 4 c4 to blow it up.

And if you limit like “5 Upgrades per Item” we don’t need to build enormous bases.

What you think?

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Where’s the realism in this?

Not everything in the game needs to be realistic… but maybe you could craft that with more material then, to satisfy it

Useless… Don’t forget the walls 1 wall or 2 POOF you in the guy’s loot room…

Like they idea but , what if you could upgrade the walls to, like adding metal on them, instead of building a whole new metal house…

I think wood walls should take at least 3 c4 to blow up

Yeah, I wasnt talking just about Doors, but Walls, Stairs, everything you can explode.