Defense towers ( Turrets )

I was thinking the following, as the game goes on
in a post apocalyptic era.
Could be implanted these defense towers to power for the house.
It has 3 levels: Wooden first, second stone and metal third.
And for their functioning would require electricity or batteries and also ammunition.
These electric power system could also be used to make the codelocks work.
No power it does not work and will open or had been locked until the player decide what to do.
My English is not good but hopefully understand.
This is my idea for the game

April first was yesterday… it’s to late to make april fool joke :wink:

But what I said was not a joke, but a hint of what can be added in the game.

While I’m not crazy on AI controlled base defenses, I also can’t think of any alternatives to balancing offline raiding.

Of course not to do it, but it could in time to put map the area manually or she have a certain limited range and limited ammunition.
And also with a limit of 3 per household.
It was a cool thing I found that could be added to the game. or else a manual type of the first world war

Traps such as spikes that swing down when a door is opened or guns that shoot, tripwire explosives, trapdoors and spike pits, falling rocks, etc. Those would all be things that can help.

Also, but as the game has the battery and possibly the item rad towns will have a supposed guardian ( thought would be cool

What happens when someone builds them all over the beach where you spawn?

That’s fan art, so that doesn’t mean it’s going to be in the game as described in the image. However, if the caretakers make it in it will be an exciting element to deal with.

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You spawn somewhere else, tip-toe your way out, or swim for it.

Or if someone is placing it in front of your main entrance just near your cupboard protection limit :wink:

I Agree defence Turret !!!

You need to craft power generator.
You need to load ammo in turret.

for the problem that people put them anywhere, you make a system like a tower with a radius, that can be build only near a sleeping bag. With this you can only build in the radius of the base. And with ammo loading no turret abuse because need a lot of ammo.

I think anyone would put anywhere because it would depend on specific points and as the power generator would be rare to get and expensive to do.
I think no one would want to waste anything.
Could also have fishing system hahahaha
Rust of to do much yet

I would suggest laser beam directed from a satellite to kill any intruder that come to close to your base… since we have battery, fuel, metal and electronic lock we have everything to build and place a satellite in orbit… only need to add blueprint for a satellite, a rocket and a laser… :dance: :rock:

:rock: :rock: :rock: YEah baby! Nuclear Bomb too! :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock:

Ah, you meant the turrets, not other traps, lol. That would be funny. You could drop the population on a server easily if you were able to do this unfettered. Every Newman would get cut down and you could be master of the server!