"Defenseless" Wrath and a criminal

Thanks to Kari for a little help with the story :banjo:

loosk good although i think it’s too bright.

SLightly bright, posing is good. Monologue is great.

nice work
were did you get those models?

No credit to mean and the numerous others who worked on the model?

Kari didn’t tell me who made it :<

Realease that Model IT LOOKS SO COOL!!

cuz it supposed to be said in ze release thread jizzus!
everyone will get his banjo…i mean credit!

ugh that monologue is terrible

sorry but it sounds like a 10 year old wrote it and the picture itself is empty and rather underwhelming, almost like all the rest of your pictures

The picture looks fullbright, which makes it bland and boring.
The monologue is not very convincing either.

Posing is nice and the angle is not bad tho.

He’s going to kill Max of S2D? Well, mabey that’s not Max but Max does use that guy to depict himself in a video of his.
Anyways, It looks good, lighting has a great fluorescent look to it similiar to the movie Saw™. I have no complaints about it and I don’t suggest you listen to these people. They probably can’t do any better and they’re just trying to find mistakes because they’re pessimistic, and unproductive. The lighting is fine and it’s completely your choice on how to make it look. It’s like complaining about Tim Burton movies, saying they’re too dark, it’s the creators choice There is really no legit reason to even complain about it seeing as you can make out everything in the picture perfectly. That model is also awesome looking.

Actually Kari, Santz, and Crai are all better then me, but thank you :3:

Knifes arent casting shadows and thats a bit odd.

I wouldn’t like to be that dude… but god… WHY SO MUCH VIOLENCE?

the only shadow there is under the barrel in the back

Law Abiding Citizen much?

A bit bright as stated, but I like it. Nice model.

reminds me more of rorshachs flashback in watchmen mixed with that scene

Why does he have a photo of a black man’s family? :v:


Oh, I see.

That mask is fucking terrifying without the hat.


Reminds me a bit of a black and white Carnage/Venom