Defib that revives npcs?

Is it possible to make a defib unit that revives npcs?

not unless you make your own npcs too

This is very possible to do.

This should be done for players also

It has been done for players I will see if I can find a link to it.

Someone so has to make this :smiley:

Bzzzzzzzzzzz clear !!! your not dead get back into the battle soldier.

Oh and I think somone should make the same thing but with a neidle to inject into the npc. Or even a magic hand that throws a combine ball into the npc and it explodes giving it life :smiley:

Im guessing you didnt find it?

It’s in Wizey!'s helpful thing or something like that.

I think I’m gonna try to make the defib, I’ll also give that combine ball thing a try.

oh thanks XD

And it was in the wizeys helper pack thinge.

Only been 3 days but still.

How is the defib coming along astinkfart ?

Alright, just need a model :\

XD epic.

Ask wizzey if you can use her defib model.


Link to the thing with model in it.

Still no model ?


If so please just make a beta with a crowbar or a toolgun model.

been a week any new news on this yet ?

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Agreed, dev should update his thread

Lol sorry I was away, anyways here’s an update:
-Got the L4D2 model
-Got it to revive npcs, but they turn into klieners :
-Revives Players.
What needs to be done
-Effect for being revived
-Effect for reviving someone.
-Maybe a new hand skin.

And that’s your update.

I’m not releasing anything untill it’s done.
Sorry :\

A question. Do you need l4d2 to use the model because I don’t have l4d2 ?

You probably do.

Yeah you will.

You can probably download a custom model for the Defibs so you don’t need L4D2